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Atheist Temples?

An atheist proselytist in England is embarking on the construction of not one, but several Atheist temples in the UK.

The temples will have all the symbolism that one would expect from a religious monument, and could be a huge step in legitimizing the atheist community. On the other hand, it goes against the disestablishmentarianism that so many atheists have pride in?

What do you guys think? Good idea? Bad idea? Or like so many Christian institutions, is it just a fair way of recognizing that there can be multiple denominations of atheism itself, those in favor of organization and those against? Or is it simply a good excuse to finally be able to use the word disestablishmentarianism in context?

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Who are we?

It’s interesting to see what kinds of sites link to this blog. Most referrals come from blogrolls or my facebook page, but there are a few of the sites that share our thoughts on what it is to be atheist:

Censorship in America
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So what is atheism? A censored minority? A rare disease? An alternate religion?

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